Design iOS and Android applications
I made this project during my work in the studio Looi.

I became part of the Alfa-Forex team and was the only designer on the project. The entire team at the beginning of the project moved to the office of Alpha-Laboratory, which is developing a new unified design system of the bank. We decided to use it for Alfa-Forex.
We investigated the goals and objectives of Alfa-Forex clients, and also found out the ratio of iOS users and android devices among them. Having allocated functionality for the first version, they decided to restart the product on two platforms.
Design on different platforms differs slightly, users on any device will get the usual product. The team is easier to produce and maintain an application for several platforms simultaneously.
On the main screen of the application, we placed a system of widgets that allows customers to see important information for them: information on account balances or quotations for selected financial instruments.

Without entering the application, you can see quotes, news and analytics, currency conversion at the stock exchange rate.

In the application there is a demo-mode in which you can try the forex market using virtual currency, instead of your money.
The new application is developed in stages. The basis is a flexible modular system. Thanks to it after the launch of the first version it became easy to change and add functionality according to the wishes and comments of users.
In the future, the application will be able to replace the personal account on the broker's website. And customers will be able to choose what is closer and more convenient — an application or a site.
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