Konstantin Smirnov
UX/UI designer
I have been designing for over 10 years. During the last two years, I focused on UX and product design. Previously, I created projects in the domains of printing, web design, branding and Internet advertising. In the beginning of my career, I did everything I could to get the maximum exposure to different areas of design.

Now work on AR Holographic startup WayRay. Worked on Moscow-based studio Looi Factory. I designed websites and mobile applications, mainly for the financial sector. I work closely with the client's team, often onsite.

I was involved lots of the Looi's projects, including client work for such companies as Alfa-Bank, Alfa-Forex, Luzhniki, Sberbank, Splat, GeoCV, Alfa Future People, Yandex, Isina, Wiley Fox, Rosinterbank, and others.
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