Design of a bank site
The project was performed during my work in the studio Looi.

The design director singled out the main idea of the project and developed a design concept.

My task was to design all the pages, details and interactions.

Almost everything was removed on the main page, we left the main proposals in a large banner-slider, news and exchange rates.

Added a magic button in which the whole site is hidden.

The site itself does not consist of separate pages, but smoothly flows from one page to another.
We looked at the bank site a bit from a different angle. Represented it as a showcase of banking products, with a history of views and a kind of basket of purchases — a section of favorites.
If it's a bank, then it does not have to be boring. On the product pages we make an interesting layout. And simply, but in detail we tell about products.
Convenient and simple calculators.
Search for offices and ATMs.

Finance is not easy, but very important. Therefore, on the pages of different products, on the main page we show small relevant tips and tricks. We tell how good deposits are, how to save money or simply not to lose it.

Unfortunately, while we were preparing the site for launch, the bank was revoked a license.

Thanks to the team from the bank, which was not afraid of experiments. It was fun.

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